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Product inspection pass rate of 99.3%

times   2015-06-24

Why our cctv camera are in High quality ?

In order to make sure our products quality, all the materials need to test, the CCD board and lines( the video and adaptor line),and LED board, we need to test them first, then will begain to produce the camera,we need to test again(at least 24hours ) when we send out the goods.

All Products’quality are guaranteed by perfect processing,testing and ageing and production process are strictly accordingly to complete quality management system. We have got the ISO9001 certification.We insist on quality first.

The quality control are in strict standard!

CCTV Camera Producing Main 10 Steps for Strict Quality Control 

1.SMT Placement                    

2.Board Camera aging test lasts for 24 hours 
3.Board Camera QC test        

4.Camera Assembly 
5.Semi-Camera QC Test         

6.Waterproof test in warm water and cold water separatly 
7.IR Test                                 

8.Finished camera aging test lasts for 24 hours 


The products are in testing:

SECTEC Products are in Testing jpg

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