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SECTEC Month Meeting

times   2015-12-07

In the beginning of each month,we will held a month meeting to conclude the last whole month achievement.All the sales need to take part in.

In the meeting,Our manager also prepare many kind of awards:iPhone6s、RMB2000、RMB1800、RMB1000、RMB800、RMB500、RMB200、RMB100 and also some life style products.We all have the goal to fighting every month.If we finish your goal,you will gain opposite prize.We advocate:pay more,gain more.So our Monthly performance is showing growth trend.

Our team is a unit,we all work for our customer and fight for our goal,we are supporting and encouragement by our manager ang our group leader.So we are SECTEC's family that work for SECTEC beauitful tomorrow.

And at the award ceremony,our sales always said:thanks for my customers support give me a big order.so by this chance,I also want to thank all the customers' support.Best wishes to you!we will give our efforts to let you more satisfied.

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